We All Need Sunglasses

You should be putting on a pair of sunglasses every time you’re under the sun.

Why? Because a person’s eyes are one of the more vulnerable parts of the human body and they are susceptible to irreversible damage when exposed to harmful ultra violet rays. 

Regardless of ethnicity, race, age, sex or skin tone, ultraviolet light can be damaging. The scary part is that not enough people take that seriously. Last year the American Optometric Association conducted a survey showing only 40 percent of Americans wear sunglasses to safeguard vision. Even further, just 28 percent said that UV protection is the most important factor when purchasing sunglasses1.

That’s a problem.

You see, when you buy a cheap pair of sunglasses at the local drug store, or find a pair for $1 at a flea market, more often than not the lenses aren’t graded to protect against ultraviolet light. When you wear one of those pairs, you actually put yourself at further risk to damage from the sun.

That’s certainly not an ideal situation.

But, is it necessary to pay an arm and a leg to get that essential protection? No. Too often people have the misconception that high price is necessitated by high quality. That’s just not true. In reality, the cost of production for 100% UVA/UVB protective eyewear is relatively inexpensive.

Of course, everyone wants to look good when they’re putting on sunglasses, too. And, you don’t need to be paying ridiculous prices for that either. That’s why the Brooktide team is focused on bringing you our signature aviators- comfortable products that will give you proper protection from the sun without breaking the bank.

Ben Zettler

1American Optometric Association. AOA’s 2013 American Eye-Q® Survey. Overlooking the Importance of UV Protection: Only 40 Percent of Americans Wear Sunglasses to Safeguard Vision. AOA.org. American Optometric Association, 20 May 2013. Web. 25 Jan. 2014. http://www.aoa.org/newsroom/uv-overlooking-the-importance-of-uv-protection


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